How I End Diabetes

Hi, I recently discovered I have diabetes after my routine medical checkup. Even though the doctor told me that the condition is incurable, I have determined to do everything within my power to be fit and healthy again.

Medical survey has shown that diabetes can be inherited, this means its genetics but to think that I am one of that people is wrong

Surprisingly, after embarking on an intense research in a bid to learn more and also overcome the deadly diabetes diseases what I found out was nothing short of amazing.

I never knew before my research that this illness had frequently stricken thousands of people and this is one interesting thing to learn.

I learned about the condition in a short while through the reading of materials, online articles and news paper publication. Even though it was hard to understand some poorly written medical article but despite my ignorance, I was able to learn more about diabetes.

The best method that I found out is giving myself time to understand completely is by only reading, understanding and meditating on all I read.

The most amazing thing is that I never knew before the liver was capable of creating a hormone that produces and affect the INSULIN GROWTH FACTOR. IGF.

With the acquired piece of information I came to understand that I wouldn’t have to be into Dosage of pills or suffer from diabetes for long or for the rest of my life. With this, I wouldn’t have to deal with the side effect.

Within a few months, I was able to get rid of my diabetes without the help of the 21stmedicine but with the intervention of research which had empowered me to fix the situation and also take complete control of it.

The doctor got incredibly amazed at my speedy recovery from Diabetes after diagnosis was carried out. To confirm from multiple sources, I had another doctor look into it, and both upheld the disappearance of diabetes.

Even though it was a surprise to my Doctor, he had never thought that getting rid of diabetes with such method was possible, but it wasn’t a surprise to me at all cos of all my research. No doubt, the companies who specialize in the sale of pills for the control of diabetes make a hell of a fortune. May be they do not want people to take control using other methods.

Making use of the IGF solution which has an almost immediate answer is all that is needed by the large pharmaceutical companies and to also take advantage of. We should also understand that we have a cure within ourselves because IGF is stored in our bodies.

We should note that little changes to our Diet and lifestyle will increase the natural formation of IGF in our body.

Note, this treatment may not work for everyone battling Diabetes but for me, I am happy to share my experience with people that I personally do not have to depend on Pills or any form of drug prescription to control my condition.

Making proper use of the information in this article and taking a look at this video will bring you closer to the control and total cure for your diabetes.